Help Center : Area Codes

Area Code Search Tips

Area Code Search lets you find the area code(s) for a city or the cities within an area code.

To find the area code(s) for a city:

  1. Enter the city and the state/province/territory abbreviation, such as:
    • San Francisco, CA
    • Montreal, QC
    • San Juan, PR
  2. No punctuation is necessary, because our database doesn't have any. For example,
    • we show Croton-on-Hudson as CROTON ON HUDSON
    • we show Ste.-Anne-des-Lacs as ST ANNE DES LACS
  3. Click "Search"

To find the major cities covered by an area code:

  1. Enter the 3-digit code.
  2. Click "Search"
  3. Get complete details on a city by clicking on the city name (U.S. only).

For more details on area codes and advanced area-code searching, see our Area Code Help Page.