Frequently Asked Questions

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»  Top 5 Questions

  1. How often is Premium data updated?
  2. How often is Basic data updated?
  3. What is a subscription plan?
  4. What is an anytime plan?
  5. How do I change a user?

»  Area Codes

  1. How do I use Area Code search?
  2. How often are's area codes updated?
  3. Can I get a list of every city and area code in your database?
  4. How can I get my town listed in your area-code database?
  5. Oh, no! Why is my area code changing?
  6. What is an area code?
  7. Who is in charge of area codes?
  8. Why does my state keep needing new area codes?
  9. Will North America ever run out of new area codes?
  10. What is being done to conserve area codes?
  11. How much does it cost to dial another area code?
  12. How can I learn more about area codes?
  13. What's in the Area Code Database?

»  Cookies

  1. Why does my browser have to accept cookies / have cookies turned on?

»  General

  1. Why isn't the Records per page combo box having any effect when I change the value?

»  International Search

  1. What is a country code?
  2. How do I make an international long-distance call?
  3. How do I call the Caribbean and Canada?

»  People Search and Residential Listings (White Pages)

  1. How often are the phone numbers and other information updated?
  2. Where is Reverse Lookup?
  3. How do I search for a person by phone number or address?
  4. Why can't I find the person I'm looking for?
  5. What's the best way to search?
  6. What is reverse search?
  7. What is a vCard?
  8. Why is my listing wrong?
  9. Can I search for a listing statewide?

»  Privacy Issues

  1. How do I opt-out or change my residential listing?
  2. How do I opt-out my residential listing?
  3. Why can my unlisted number be found on
  4. How can I make my phone number an unlisted number?
  5. Can I add someone else's listing?
  6. How did my telephone number and address get on the Web, anyway?
  7. How does protect my privacy?

»  Registration and Logging In

  1. How do I log in to
  2. I registered. Why I can't log in?
  3. Does registering with mean my name, phone number or email address will be published on the site?
  4. Why do I have to log in / register to use
  5. How are lookups counted?
  6. Does the lookup get counted against my total if the message 'no results found' or 'too many entries found' comes up?
  7. If my search comes up with ten possible results, does that count as ten lookups?
  8. How is the month counted?

»  Reverse Lookup

  1. Where is Reverse Lookup?
  2. How do I search by address?
  3. Can I find neighbors with Reverse Lookup?
  4. Why can't I find the listing I'm looking for with Reverse Lookup?
  5. I'm only getting an address when I use Reverse Lookup. How can I see the phone number?
  6. I keep getting Too Many Entries Found when I try to find neighbors. What should I do?
  7. Can I find a person from an apartment number?
  8. What are some good uses for Reverse Lookup?
  9. Can I use Reverse Lookup with cell phone or fax numbers?
  10. Are reverse lookups available for international phone numbers and addresses?