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Bogan Consulting Customized Solutions are available through our partnership with Bogan Consulting. Please contact Bogan Consulting for a needs assessment.
The principals of Bogan Consulting have maintained a relationship with almost from the beginning. Today, is one of the few dot com sites that has successfully managed the transition from an advertising revenue open access service model, to a subscription based information delivery model. Assuring 555-1212's ability to serve several million page views of directory data a day at sub second response time has been the technology challenge for Bogan Consulting.

Bogan Consulting has helped extend the breadth of its products by implementing very high speed wire based query interfaces. These interfaces allow 555-1212 to query in real time some of the premier content providers in the country. We built one of the first Web Service capabilities on the web delivering directory content. And we built the e-commerce capability to allow customers to self provision their accounts.

We are proud of 555-1212's success at transitioning their business during radical changes in the web industry and look forward to continuing to provide engineering services to

Please visit us at:
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