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Products : 555@Work

555@Work Features and Benefits

  • Access to premium directory assistance data not available from any Internet site -- on regular and reverse searches
  • Same great additional features as 555-1212.com, but easier to use: less clicking, faster loading
  • Places, maps, driving directions, area codes, zip codes, city details, vCards -- all free with subscription
  • "Find neighbors" feature identifies nearby residents or businesses
  • Statewide search capability: enter a name and a state to locate all possible listings


  • Increased productivity -- eliminate time-consuming phone calls and paging through paper directories
  • Savings of up to 70% over traditional directory assistance
  • Streamlined efficiency -- 555@Work is fast, clean and designed for the business user
  • Premium data -- the most accurate listings on the Web

Intranet Option
For high-volume users of above 5000 lookups per month, 555@Work Enterprise can be customized for your company's intranet:

  • XML-based
  • Your company's look
  • No advertising
  • Closed-end solution
  • Compatible with major firewalls and virtual private networks
  • Secure

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