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Money Watch: Phone Rage & 401(k) Performance
November 1, 2000

If you're on the Web, use its free directory-assistance services like ... ... Dialing long-distance information costs $1 to $2 per call these days, even if the operator doesn't find the number.

YadaYada and to Provide 'YadaYada Directory Assistant' for PDAs

October 24, 2000

YadaYada Inc., the first fully integrated wireless service provider and personalized mobile Web portal for PDAs, and, a leading provider of global communication services on the wired and wireless Internet, announced today the launch of the "YadaYada Directory Assistant". The product allows YadaYada subscribers to access free directory lookup services to find people, businesses, area codes, and country codes from wherever they are.

Security Opinion -- BugTraq: The tunnel at the end of the light
October 17, 2000

By Martin Goslar, Ph.D., Special to ZDNet

BugTraq, a full disclosure computer security vulnerability mailing list started back in '93, is one of the most renowned security forums in the world. Known for its detailed discussion streams, updates, patch offerings, and update announcements, BugTraq offers a digital buffet of tempting selections. But...

If the fixes or suggestions need some tweaking before install, be sure to call the professional to confirm or discuss. If there is no phone number on the site and you can't find it at, be very cautious my friend. mentioned on Clark Howard's popular consumer radio
October 9, 2000 got rave reviews on the consumer-oriented Clark Howard Show. Clark's syndicated radio show is broadcast live to over 100 stations nationwide, every weekday from 1-6 p.m. ET on AM 750 WSB Atlanta. An entrepreneur who retired at age 31, Clark Howard is a "walking encyclopedia" of consumer and financial knowledge aimed at empowering "the little guy."

One of the Most Underrated Uses of the Net
October 5, 2000

One of the most underrated uses of the net is the simple act of looking up a phone number. After noticing that AT&T; never trademarked or registered the directory assistance number 555-1212 a group of investors launched It's just one of the many sites like this on the net. You can get maps and directions, and it's updated monthly, that's practically instant compared to the traditional phone book. In the near future as more countries connect it will also simplify finding numbers all over the planet. And when we integrate the net into telephones these types of sites may be impossible to live without

Location Services Enter the Mobile-Phone Game
September 11, 2000

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL -- Imagine finding the perfect birthday gift -- a purple yo-yo -- for your six-year-old niece while on a business trip in Cambridge, Mass. You need to ship the toy immediately but don't know if there is an overnight courier nearby. Pulling out your mobile telephone, you dial a toll-free number that tells you the location of a FedEx office three blocks north -- and lets you know about a greeting-card shop around the corner.

This personalized service is what voice portal BeVocal Inc. -- and a host of other companies -- hope to provide by giving consumers phone-directory-type information tailored to their geographic location.

...BeVocal faces possible competition from a number of other companies that make location-based information available on wireless devices.

In July, Inc., at on the Web and based in San Francisco, announced the launch of its wireless Mobile Directory, which provides users nationwide with information such as business addresses and area codes...

Great Expectations for Location-Based Services
September 6, 2000

MEDIAWEEK, San Francisco --
...In July, Inc. (, of San Francisco, announced the launch of its wireless Mobile Directory, which provides users nationwide with information such as business addresses and area codes.

Strike Hits A Disconnect - As Choices Take Off, Phone Company Is Less Vital For Many
August 19, 2000

THE BOSTON GLOBE - Nearly two weeks after 85,000 phone workers walked off their jobs at Verizon, cellular phones and a host of other alternatives, offering everything from directory assistance to nationwide call completion, have reduced one part of the strike's roar to a whisper. ...Internet services such as,, and AT&T;'s are also filling the directory-assistance void...

(Archive search and fee required at Boston Globe to view complete article)

411 Users Trying Online Directory Services to Find Numbers During Strike
August 10, 2000

ALLENTOWN, PA - The strike by more than 87,000 Verizon Communications employees is making it virtually impossible to get through to the company's "411" directory assistance, creating headaches for customers ...but an unexpected blessing for operators of alternative services and free Internet directories, several of which are reporting significant increases in traffic since the walkout began. ...Demand has also been unusually high at, a San Francisco company that offers telephone and Internet search capabilities and attracts an estimated 735,000 visitors per month. The strike could deal a permanent blow to 411 by exposing consumers to other services that are not only free, but also offer features you can't get talking to an operator...

Get the 411 on Directory Assistance
August 8, 2000

Financial columnist Jane Bryant Quinn recommends free online directory assistance over pricey voice-based operators.

WASHINGTON POST -- The lowest-cost way to get information is not to use the phone at all. For local calls, go to the phone book. For long-distance calls, use one of the free directories on the Web. I've had the best luck finding numbers with, and www.yellowpages (or whitepages).com. Announces Mobile Directory Assistance for Wireless Internet Devices
August 2, 2000

BROADBAND INDUSTRY NEWS -, the nation’s leading Internet directory information provider, today announced the launch of Mobile Directory at the™ Unwired Universe 2000 conference. Mobile Directory ( provides users with free services for looking up people, businesses, area codes and country codes over Internet-enabled PDAs (personal digital assistants) and wireless phones with the fewest keystrokes of any current mobile technology...

Find 'Em Anywhere with WAP
July 25, 2000

WIRELESS WEEK -- is taking directory assistance to the Web. The unwired Web, that is. The online information company launched its WAP-based Mobile Directory at's Unwired Universe 2000 conference today. ...The system is set up specifically for mobile users with small keyboards and needs few keystrokes to access data, the company says.

Features -- 50 Most Incredibly Useful Sites
June 14, 2000

Yahoo Internet Life -- The Web site awarded one of the 10 Supremely Useful Sites of the 50 Most Incredibly Useful Sites (July 2000)

Instead of paying the expensive fees for Directory Assistance...
June 14, 2000

ST. LOUIS (KMOV)-- A Web Watch viewer from Florissant told us about This is one of many useful resources of its kind on-line. has a handful of features you can use. listed in May 2000 Media Metrix 500.
June 12, 2000

The Media Metrix 500 includes an alphabetized list of the top 500 Digital media sites, including Commercial Online Services, Internet Service Providers, e-Commerce and other ad supported sites and applications that attract the most "unique" visitors over the course of one month. is listed as one of the top 500 Digital Media sites for the month of May 2000.

Dot com 3, Channel 3 News' list of exciting, useful and interesting web sites
June 12, 2000

Cleveland (WKYC) --, A powerful, no-frills people searcher. Track down long-lost family, neighbors or friends with just a few bits of information.

The practical Internet -- The Web allows you to be the taskmaster
May 28, 2000

DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE If you're looking for your old high school sweetheart's out-of-town phone number, forget trips to the library for obscure white pages or the toll call to 411. It's easier and cheaper to look up numbers online. One site that offers a searchable national white pages is

Hold the phone! About 500 companies now push long-distance calling plans. You need to be ready to fi
May 8, 2000

Another way to unintentionally inflate your bill to whopping proportions is directory assistance. In 1998, Ameri- cans spent more than $5 billion finding phone numbers. Again, the Internet can help. Web sites like, ... should be your first stop before calling the operator. Portable, Web- ready devices are making it possible to do this even from road-side phone booths.

Top 100 Bookmarked Sites Released by HotLinks

May 8, 2000

Mountain View, CA -- HotLinks ( today unveiled the top 100 list of the most popular sites bookmarked by HotLinks members for the month of ranked 71st on this list of the 100 sites.

Information, Pleeeeeeeaze?!? They don't know the numbers. They don't live near you. They need help w
April 17, 2000

The Texas Public Utility Commission suggests that consumers do their homework: Know how much you're paying, and shop around. Also, if you have Internet access, use the numerous free directory assistance Web sites available. They include:

What’s Out There
Personal Online Information

April 1, 2000

You'll no longer have to sit idly by as you wait to hear from someone with whom you’ve lost contact. Old college roommates, adoptees, and distant relatives can all find each other online. Thanks to the Web, you can dig up contact information for almost anyone you seek as long as you know where to start looking.

Unfortunately, many people are not listed in any online directory or are listed with outdated contact information. Unlisted numbers do not make it into online directories. Most online directories get their data from telephone companies, and it often takes a long time for the information to reach them. "One of the problems is that somebody signs up for a new phone service and they want to be listed. Sometimes it takes awhile for that information to percolate to the online directories," says Martin Ogawa, vice president of marketing at If you have moved in the last few months, these directories may list you at your previous address and telephone number.

For Web sites that can help you keep your phone bill low.
February 1, 2000

"For Web sites that can help you keep your phone bill low"

Call "information" a few times and you'll run up a big bill. All together, Americans spent more than $5 billion on directory assistance in 1998. These six Web-based services give you listings for free.

Web Sites 'Dialing In" on AT&T; They Provide Directory Assistance
December 6, 1999

WASHINGTON When the strategists and political pulse-takers at the Republican National Committee need a telephone number, they do NOT dial 411. Chairman Jim Nicholson, trying to slim down the budget at GOP headquarters, issued a directive to the staff in September:

Do not dial directory assistance to get a phone number. Use the Internet.

The Web site gets a half-million visitors a month, according to Martin Ogawa, vice president for marketing. Gadgets such as Palm Pilots and new Internet-ready cell phones make it quicker and easier to look up a phone number on a Web site.

The Basics
3 ways to get directory assistance on the cheap

November 1, 1999

When you need to find a number that isn't in your local phone book, dialing an operator can be pricey and sometimes futile. Here are the best ways to track down those digits.

The directory assistance industry raked in $3.6 billion in 1998 from roughly 8 billion requests for help with finding a number, area code, person or business. The problem is, in many cases, directory assistance had no help to give. allows you to search for phone numbers, no only by city, but by area code. You can also find out if a domain name for a Web site already has been claimed.

Have You Forgotten Your Friends? -- Disconnected Friendships
October 28, 1999

An Oprah guest used to find and old friend.

Web Sites We Can't Live Without
April 30, 1999

There's a similar troubleshooting service for the telephone. Do you have an area code but no idea which area ( and thus which time zone ) the code applies to? Do you have an international number but not the country code that goes with it? Just go to ( ) before you dial the phone, and you'll find the information you need.

Information Please Dialing Directory Assistance Getting Easier, But It's Also Becoming Costlie
April 26, 1999

HERE's THE 411 on directory assistance: It's no longer just about dialing Information to get the phone number of that new restaurant across town.

ONLINE DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE: If you have Internet access, you may want to try checking these sites first. They are among many sites that search for people, businesses and e-mail addresses:

Internet Reunites Lost Friends, Relatives
April 5, 1999

Sondra Dellarippa, 36 had spent 10 years searching for her father, who she last saw when she was 6. She went to adoption agencies but kept running into dead ends. She even paid several hundred dollars to a search company.

"They came back with every last name except his," she said.

Two years ago, she went online and started using telephone directory search engines such as ...

Looking for Mr. Goodbar? Try the Internet
March 30, 1999

With the rapid pace of area code changes across the country, keeping track of friends and relatives is harder than ever.

Two sites that stand out from the rest are ...

Both are free and offer thorough white and yellow pages, international directories and country codes.

At, users can look up area codes for any city in the country. The site keeps up with new area codes and also offers maps of the region a user is looking for.

... also does reverse lookups, meaning that if you only have a phone number, you can plug it in and find the name and address to match.

Florida Today - Directory Assistance Services Grow, So Do Price Differences
March 1, 1999

It's only fitting for the Information Age: There are more ways than ever to dial for information. Old standbys remain 1-411 for local calls and 1 (area code) 555-1212 for long distance.

For free directory assistance, check such Web sites as ...

Web Sleuthing
January 1, 1999

Are you a budding private eye? Have a phone number but not the person's name and address? Go to The "reverse lookup" option at this site lets you use listed phone numbers to obtain addresses, names, maps, and directions. The flip side? If your number is listed, anybody can track you down.

A Better Idea? Yellow Page' Walking Fingers Take A Hike
December 16, 1998

After more than 40 years, the "Let Your Fingers Do the Walking" campaign is about to walk off stage. America's Yellow Pages will get a new logo and tag line next year as the nation's largest phone company moves to reposition itself as more than just a place to get phone numbers.

The repositioning comes at a time when the Yellow Pages is facing fierce competition from other resources, such as the Internet. Several online phone directories have popped up in recent years, including, ... ...

Jobless? Don't Wait By The Telephone -- Use It
December 12, 1998

The new "National Job Directory: The Job Finders Hot List" by Sue Cubbage and Marcia Williams says there are 6,600 job hot lines in the country and list them by state within broad industries such as computers, education, government, financial, hospitality, medical and health care, retail and miscellaneous.

One problem with telephoning is that area codes keep changing.

Among the book's useful tips for friends who do have computers and are online is to use the Web to update area codes for free.

Try these Web sites: ...

Watching the I-Detectives
November 23, 1998

The Net has transformed the work of sleuths who use public information to solve personal problems. Not everyone's happy about it.

The P.I. switches to other public records databases that track marriage licenses, divorce filings and court records. Eventually, he finds the deed of sale for a Lake Tahoe home sold by one Susan Johnson to a man named Javitz. He plugs the name into and scrolls down until he finds the right Javitz.

Pac Bell Asks for National 411 Plan / 95 cents to find any phone number in U.S.
October 31, 1998

Finding a long-distance phone number anywhere in the country may soon be as easy as dialing 411. Pacific Bell has asked state regulators for approval to offer national directory assistance to local phone customers in California, at 95 cents a pop. If the request is approved, Pac Bell customers could get a number for any city in the country just by dialing 411.

Other regional Bell operating companies such as Chicago-based Ameritech Corp., also offer national directory assistance in the states they serve and most area codes can be found on the Web at

Letting your fingers walk on the Internet for phone numbers
October 12, 1998

Many people are increasingly by-passing telephone directory assistance and using the Internet to help themselves to a universe of phone numbers.

The operators of say usage increased 209% between April and October.

The Fastest Way To...
March 1, 1998

Push, shmush. Do you think waiting for push information is for sloths? Here are 15 of the fastest darn tootin' ways to:

Get directory assistance Look up area codes by city or find a city using the area code. At's Fast Area Code Look-Up, you're the only operator--and you save the 50 cents to $1 charge for a directory assistance call.

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