Help Center : Lookups

What is considered 100 lookups? One hundred lookups in each category or a total of one hundred queries no matter what category used?

Does the lookup get counted against my total if the message "no results found" or "too many entries found" comes up?

  • No, it is not counted.
  • A lookup is not counted unless you get at least one result.

If my search comes up with ten possible results, does that count as ten lookups?

  • No, a lookup counts each time you initiate the query.
  • Viewing multiple results from one query does not constitute performing additional lookups.

How do I keep track of my lookups?

  • You can see how many lookups you've performed by checking your account management page (see below) .

How do I get to account management?

  • Click on Account Management in the navigation bar on the left of the screen and you will be taken to your account.
  • You must be logged in in order access your account management page. If you were not logged in, the login page will appear.

For monthly subscriptions, how is the month counted?

  • The monthly cycle starts from the day you activate your account until midnight of the same date the following month.
  • If your account is activated on the 31st of the month, but the next month has only 28 or 30 days, the last day in your monthly cycle is the last day of that month.