General Frequently-Asked Questions

Why isn't the Records per page combo box having any effect when I change the value?

The technical mecanism used to change Nb Records Per page uses javascript. Many company for security purposes have in the past disabled javascript in web browser as part of a corporate rule. You will have to either manually enable javascript or ask your information technology group to do so. To do it manually, following the procedure for the two most common browsers.

Internet Explorer (based on version 6.0)

From the menu, "Tools", "Internet Options", "Internet" (internet zone), "Custom Level". In the Security Settings window, go to "Scripting", "Active Scripting" and select "Enabled".

Mozilla Firefox (based on version 2.0)

From the menu, "Tools", "Options", "Content" and check "Enable javascript". You might have to restart your browser for these new settings to take effect.

Opera (based on version 9.10)

From the menu, "Tools", "Quick Preferences", and check "Enable JavaScript".

Safari (based on version x.y.z)

From the Safari menu, "Security" and check "Enable JavaScript".

Netscape (based on version 9.10)

From the menu, "Tools", "Options", "Site Controls". In "Site List", add and in the right pane make sure "Enable JavaScript" is checked.