Reverse Lookup Frequently-Asked Questions

I keep getting Too Many Entries Found when I try to find neighbors. What should I do?

If you're getting "too many entries found" from Reverse Search, that means there are too many results for the database to be displayed. You can display some of them by narrowing your search. For example:

  • If you're searching for a whole street, try adding a street number.
  • Use a street number followed by a dot such as "3." to get all listings on a street that begin with 3: 3, 30-39, 300-399, 3000-3999, etc.
    • If this method still gives "too many entries," then you can add a digit to your search and use "31.", "32.", etc. Adding a dot after the digits lets you search all the houses that begin with those digits.
  • Use a street type such as Ave or St to narrow your search to a particular street.