Reverse Lookup Frequently-Asked Questions

Why can't I find the listing I'm looking for with Reverse Lookup?

If you know the person or business is listed with the telephone company, here's what might be happening:

The street name you are searching on is spelled differently in the telephone company database:

  • For example, if you are searching for a friend who lives on Exchange Place, the street name might appear as Exchange Pl or even Exch Pl
  • Omit the street name and search on "Exchange" only, or even just the first few letters
  • If you are searching on a numbered street, like 24th Avenue, just use 24 in the street name field
    • Then try searching on 24th and 24th Ave

Occasionally the phone companies use a different city name from the one you would expect for a given street. This can happen when a district within a city or town has a commonly recognized name that is different from what the Post Office uses. We suggest you try the name of adjacent, preferably larger, towns or cities. If you know the zip code, try that instead of the city name.

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