Reverse Lookup Top 5 Questions Frequently-Asked Questions

Can I find neighbors with Reverse Lookup?

To find neighbors using Reverse Lookup:

  • Go to the Reverse Search page and select a "Search Type" of "Reverse".
  • If you want to find all the listings on a street, leave off the house/building number
  • Enter the street name where it says "Street"
    • Example: Main
      • Leave off the street type, such as "Drive" or "Street," -- just use the street's name.
      • If you get too many results, try again, this time including the street type
    • Example: Main Street or Main St.
  • Enter the city and state in the appropriate boxes
  • Click "Search"


  • Don't use apartment numbers. Most listing won't contain apartment or suite numbers, although occasionally you will see them. You can't search on them, however.
  • When a street has too many residents and businesses to display, you can narrow down your search. In this case, you could use the street number " 3." to get all listings on Main Street that begin with 3: 3, 30-39, 300-399, 3000-3999, etc. If this method still gives "too many entries," then you can add a digit to your search and use "31.", "32.", etc. Adding a dot after the digits lets you search all the houses that begin with those digits.