Privacy Questions and Answers Frequently-Asked Questions

How can I make my phone number an unlisted number?

Unless you specify otherwise, your telephone company automatically makes your number and address available through directory assistance (411) and the printed phone book.

To make your number unavailable both from directory assistance and the phone book, you must notify your telephone service provider. Telephone companies have different policies and fees regarding directory listing options. They include unlisted, unpublished or non-published numbers, and "directory assistance listings".

Here are some common definitions to help you get an unlisted number:

A directory assistance listing means your phone number is not published in the phone book but is available from directory assistance.

A non-published number means your number is unavailable in the phone book or from directory assistance.

An unlisted number does not appear in the telephone book but may be available from directory assistance, according to some telephone companies. Other companies treat an unlisted number like a non-published number: it is not listed in the phone book nor available through directory assistance.

Omit address. You may elect to have your address removed from the telephone book as well as from directory assistance.

Please contact your telephone company directly to discuss your options.

Remember that you if you want your listing removed from other Web sites, you should contact them directly for fastest removal.