Need the most accurate data 24/7?

4 Easy-to-Use SERVICES for Every Data Need

From a handful of lookups a month to thousands of lookups a day, has the right service for your business. Whether you need to build an accurate new mover list, or integrate data with your company's platform, has the tools to help your business succeed.

Access the most accurate name, address and phone number information available—when you need it and how you need it! Find the service that is right for you!

Web Lookup

The ideal turnkey solution, our web site service provides easy access to accurate validated customer data, 24/7.

  • Reverse phone/address lookups in real-time — this service has it all
  • Easy to use, password-protected web-based service
  • Sign up today and access accurate customer data in minutes
dots XML Business Service

Connect your business processes to accurate customer data with our XML Business Service. Bring up-to-date information into your business environment, when and where you need it.

  • Perfect for high volume needs
  • Easily integrates into enterprise environments
  • Delivers the most accurate data throughout your organization
  • Get an XML Business Service
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List Cleaning

Eliminate the cost of bad data by appending against the most accurate information available.

  • Bad data costs you money, good data makes money
  • Customized batch process
  • Make old data new again with list cleaning
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New Mover

Find out who is moving into your market before your competitors. We deliver new movers to your inbox, automatically.

  • Build customized new mover lists
  • Local and national coverage
  • Dominate your neighborhood market