Global Listings

     3dview-an adult stereogram calendar
        P.O. Box 1525, Donnacona, Quebec, Canada
     A Forget Me Not Service
        2615 N 4th #707, Coeur d'Alene, ID, United States
     Advertising Calendar Cost Breakthrough
        3412 N Sage Ct, Bedford, Texas, US
     Bikini Golf
        P.O. Box 3637, San Clemente, CA, United States
        P.O. Box 3637, San Clemente, CA, USA
     Black Girls Calendar
        1655 Drexel Avenue 206, Miami Beach, Fl, United States
     Buff Bods Daily
        PO BOX 1347, New Milford, CT, United States
     Calelndar-for-Ever Perpetual Wall Planners
        824 Johnson St., Victoria, BC, Canada
     Colorburst Calendar
        P O Box 8589, Medford, OR, US
     D'Imaging $0.25 scanning service CD-ROM VCR printing
        13014 N. Dale Mabry Suite 187, Tampa, FL, United States
     Designer Printing & Calendars
        638 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA, US
     Emerald City BBS - 1997 Colt Calendars & CD-ROM
        P.O. Box 26896, West Haven, CT, US
     Events and Happenings - by The Mansion in Historic Talladega (B&B;)
        400 South Street East, Talladega, AL, US
     Naturist Lifestyle Calendar
        C.P 1000, succ. M, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
     Old Pasadena, California...The Definitive Guide
        Pasadena, CA, US
     Personal Color Calendars
        108 N. Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale, CA, United States
     Personalized Color Calendars from Mail Boxes Etc.
        1609 West County 42, Burnsville, MN, United States
     Power and Beauty
        457 P.O.Box, Weirton, West Virginia, USA
     Sensual Asian Women Calendar
        9368 sierra mae dr., Los cAngeles, CA, USA
     Signature Sports, Inc.
        820 Sunny Creek Dr., Dayton, OH, US
     The Calendar Company
     The Calendar Company
        P.O. Box 1600, Kailua, HI, USA
     Tom Mayes Photography and Model Mgmt.
        1066 47th Ave. # 4, Oakland, CA, United States
        164 Mulberry Street, New York, NY, US

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