Global Listings

     A Collector's Mall - NET Collectibles
        809 W. Avenue M., Temple, TX, US
     Adobe Walls Trading Post - All Things Western
        1600 S. Lipscomb, Amarillo, TX, US
        126 East High Street, Springfield, Ohio, US, United States
     Antique Addiction Dealer Directory
        172 E. Placer St. 1, Auburn, California, United States
     Antique Alley
        56 Valleywood Rd., Greenwich, CT, US
     Antique Dealers Directory
        105 High Street, Harwich, Essex, UK
     Antique Networking, Inc.
        75 S. High Street, Dublin, OH, US
     Antique Underground
        247 West Fayette St., Syracuse, NY, United States
     Antique watches - Pieces of Time - Worldwide Mail Order Antique & Precision pocket watches
        14 Heath Rise 1 st floor, Bromley, Kent, United Kingdom
        62 McKinley Avenue, Kenmore, NY, US
        750 B Street, Suite 1842, San Diego, CA, US
     Antiques and Collectibles - by The Mansion in Historic Talladega (B&B;)
        400 South Street East, Talladega, AL, US
     Antiques and Collectibles by Retrospect
         Canton Village, Canton, CT, US
     Antiques at The Drawing Room of Newport and The Zsolnay Store
        152-154 Spring Street, Newport, RI, United States
     Antiques Collection
        712, 221 - 6th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
     antiques network
        7513 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, US
     Antiques, Art & Collectibles- Red Barn Gallery
        103 South Church St., Waxhaw, NC, US
        850 N. Kansas, Benton, KS, US
        RR 1 Box 300 Rte 86, Dennysville, ME, US
        4233 Lindblade Dr., Los Angeles, CA, United States
     Ashton-Blakey Antiques & Collectibles
        602l Yonge St.  Dept. 895, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
     Auntie Q's Antiques & Collectibles
        PO Box 3411, Albany, OR, US
     Buckingham Antiques
     Camilles Antiques & Collectibles
        Miamitown, Ohio, US
        6601 17th Lane, North, St. Petersburg, FL, US
     Castle Hall Antiques
        5 E. Philadelphia Ave, Boyertown, PA, US
     Collectible On The Internet
        6916 E71st.pl., Tulsa, Ok., U.S.
     Collectibles On The Internet
        6916 E71st.pl., Tulsa, Ok., US.
     Collectibles On The Internet
        6916 E71st.pl., Tulsa, OK., U.S.
     Collectibles On The Internet
        6916 E71st.pl., Tulsa, Ok., US.
     Collectibles On The Internet
        6916 E71st.pl., Tulsa, Ok., US.
     Estate Sale, Huntington, Texas Nov.16-17
        1903 Dartmouth #1001, College Station, TX, United States
     Four Winds Collection
        Damascus, MD, 
     Game Room Antiques
        909 26 Street NW, Washington, DC, USA
     Golden Swan
        9867 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA, USA
     Heisey & Wedgwood @ G.W. Antiques
        825 Hudis St., Rohnert Park, Ca., United States
     House of Antiques
        320 East 5th Street, Minden, NE, US
     Inverness Antiques
        101 Courthouse Square, Inverness, Fl, United States
     Jakes Antiques and Collectibles
        Anaheim, Califorina, US
     James Mattozzi Marilyn Burke Antiques
        228 Main Street, Groton, MA, United States
     James Mattozzi Marilyn Burke Antiques
        228 Main Street, Groton, MA, US
     Lee Robert Antiques
        P.O. Box 01, Denver, CO, US
        1120 S. MEMORIAL DR (HWY 31), PRATTVILLE, AL, United States
     MexAm's Unique Antiques
        P.O. Box 112578, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
     Miamitown Antiques
     Miamitown Online
        Miamitown, Ohio, US
     Monte Cristo Antiques and Collectibles
        260 W. Broad Street, Falls Church, VA, US
     Object D'art at Warmark
        3920 South Inwood, New Orleans, LA, United States
     paolo vigna antiquario
        rua canada 111, sao paulo, sao paulo, Brazil
     Retrospect Antiques & Collectibles
        Canton Village - P.O. Box 329, Canton, CT, US
        383 Orange St. #2, New Haven, CT, US
     sandy's super swapshop
        200 E. 12th st., oak gove, Missouri, us
     Shaws Antiques
        210 Main St., Nevada City, CA, US
     Southern Belle Antique Super Mall
        194 Stonefield Cir, Macon, GA, U.S.
     Tennis Antiques and Collectibles
        PO box 3658, Santa Monica, CA, US
     The Antique & Artisian Center of Stamford
        69 Jeffereson St, Stamford, CT, US
     The Antique Trader Inc.
        1274 Wynford Colony, Marietta, Georgia, USA
     The GLOBALNET Consignment Shop
        28 Revell Avenue, Northampton, MA, 
     The Great Eastern Salvage Co.
        Coit NE, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
     Valeries Gallery of Art and Antiques
        Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
     Venice Historical Antique Mall
        Ross, Ohio, US
     Vintage Antiques & Accents
        Miamitown, Ohio, US
     World Warehouse
        200 W. 20th St.  #912, New York, ny, United States
     Yesterdaze Antiques
        1519 Main St., Vernon, TX, US

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