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Search Tips

- Our service for mobile devices features AutoCompletion that saves you typing by automatically adding a "wild card" character (*) at the end of a word or partial name, address or city. You do not have to type the asterisk (*).

- You can navigate a long list of results easily using the Jump or Next buttons. Use "New Search" to produce a shorter and more targeted list.

Residential (Res)
- Enter the person's Lastname. Firstname and City/Zip are optional, but State/Province is required.

Business Listings (Bus)
- Enter a Company name or a partial Company name. City is optional, but State/Province is required.

Reverse Lookups (Rev) -- US only
- To determine the owner of a telephone number, enter the full 10-digit number.

Example (Rev)

Reverse Address -- US only
- This option is available from the Reverse Phone lookup screen.

- Enter a Street Name, City and State/Province. House # is optional.

Area Codes(AC)
Enter a three-digit area code or five-digit zip code for a list of cities. Or enter a full or partial (min of 3 characters) city name as well as a state/province to obtain a list of cities and corresponding area codes.

  San Jose, CA

Country Codes (CC)
Enter the full or partial name of the country to find its code. Or enter a numeric code to find the country name.

  code 49 -- finds the name Germany
  Ge -- finds the codes for Germany and Georgia
  Ger -- finds only the code for Germany
  Germany -- finds just the code for Germany

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