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555-1212.com™ is the leading application service provider transforming source directory data into context-relevant information. Through multi-platform technologies and devices, we aggregate, update and present information from disparate sources in meaningful ways. Our proprietary "Directory Intelligence"™ technology optimizes and links this data, creating the most comprehensive, accurate and accessible information for a wide variety of users.

Named one of the top "10 Supremely Useful Web Sites" by Yahoo! Internet Life magazine, and among the Media Metrix 500 most-frequently visited Web sites, 555-1212.com saw traffic more than double between December 1999 and February 2001, with over one million unique visitors each month.

Introduced in January 1998, 555-1212.com offers businesses and consumers the most accurate and comprehensive directory information available. For the past 50 years, 555-1212 has been recognized throughout the U.S. and Canada by business and residential users as the premier brand for land-based telephone directory assistance information. However, unlike voice-based directory assistance, 555-1212.com is free and accessible over the Web.

The Company's products span the wired and wireless Web to include 555@Work for large corporations; Private-Label for Web-based businesses and communities; 555@Hand for voice and wireless Internet companies and the www.555-1212.com Web site for consumers.

555@Work™, a business tool available for the corporate intranet, allows corporations to decrease costs and increase efficiencies. This customized, Web-based directory information service fits within existing business processes, or enables new systems. The high-speed, highly accurate product transparently integrates into a corporation's intranet, extranet, or Web site, significantly improving employee efficiency and reducing G&A expenditure by eliminating calls to voice-based directory assistance operators. Productivity is enhanced as 555@Work streamlines processes: internal directories as well as external directory information are integrated, easily accessible, advertising free, and "always on".

555@Hand™ -- For voice and wireless Internet companies, 555-1212.com offers 555@Hand. ISPs and ASPs, voice and mobile data carriers can license 555@Hand to decrease their time to market. 555@Hand is the "killer app" creating traffic, stickiness, and advertising real estate for mobile Internet companies. Wireless partners include Palm, GoAmerica and YadaYada.

Private-Label -- For Web-based businesses and communities, the Company creates a private-label, customized product aligned with the profile and interests of each Web site's customers. Overall, the product increases Web sites' stickiness by enriching content with the third highest-used application of the Internet: directory information services.

Consumer Web Site -- For individual users, the Company presents free, accurate, local and global directory information services.

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