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555-1212.com's advertising products include banners, tiles, content sponsorships and promotional opportunities.

Our banners appear at the top of each page throughout the site, reaching the full range of 555-1212.com visitors. This includes our home page, which receives over 1 million unique users each month. Targeting can be specified to reach visitors to our home page, residential white page users, yellow page visitors, or within our additional content areas.
Geographic and keyword targeting will be available soon.
Banners are 468x60, and are sold by number of impressions or date range.
Rate: $20.00 CPM

Tiles appear in our left-hand navigation bar, and on the bottom of our most trafficked pages, on a run-of-site basis. The 120x60 tiles are sold on a CPM basis.
Rate: $10.00 CPM

Content Sponsorships
555-1212.com's content sponsorships provide maximum exposure, appearing on each and every residential results page. The sponsorships include a 234x60 graphic on the residential results page with a direct link to your site. Additional opportunities exist for co-branded content delivery. Each content area represents a unique opportunity,and is priced accordingly.

Promotional Opportunities
555-1212.com is always interested in partnering with your site or company to create contests, giveaways or other exciting promotional opportunities.

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